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Review by drbermudez on 18 Dec 2021review stating

It does make a difference!

I have a regular IMS basket and now with the BoB I was able to make decent comparisons with flavor, texture and extraction. With the Bob you may have to adjust your grinder a bit on the coarser side, simply because with less wholes and the curved bottom, you get more resistance, but the texture is just amazing. Still that is not to say it replacesRead more about review stating It does make a difference!

 the regular IMS basket, but I was able to enjoy different experiences with the same coffee using both baskets. I highly recommend

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Ryan Haddox
BOB basket
really wasn't expecting much out of this basket, but boy was i wrong. since i've been using the basket and the BIT shower screen i've gotten so many compliments on our espresso tasting smooth and flavorful. even extraction, very little channeling...AMAZING crema. makes for tasty double shots, lattes, and latte art❤️



Renato 8  molto bene


Pulled a great shot with BoB of the Colombia .Balance of citrus, floral, and some subtle sweetness.Really much better than I expecting to get as I was unable to get enough sugar to balance out the acidity form super light roast.
18.5gr in, 1g out in 15s pre-brew 28s extraction of 30g out.
monolith conical with T burrs and Slayer 2710 ROASTER- COLOMBIA CALDA

Harlan K, USA

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Allora provato ora renato singolo con 10 grammi. (domani provo 11 estraendo 22 in tazza) .eccezionale. Praticamente identico in sapore all'uso di quello doppio. Estrazione poi usando il filtro bottomless senza spruzzi nulla di nulla.Non pensavo fosse possibile dato che sarà il quarto cestino singolo che acquisto.....

Grazie e ottimo caffe. e ottimo basket davvero👍👍👍

Andrea G, Italy

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Era un blend 80-20 che li dava un po’ di problemi con gli ultimi lotti perché presentava astringenza con il bob 18, io l’ho lavorato in modo classico 17 in 34 out e non solo ha tolto l’astringenza ma ha saputo rendere equilibrata la tazza e presentare una piccola parte di acidità molto gradevole.

Bravi bravi gran filtro


Stefano Cevenini, Italy

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